Our territory

Seductive like few other places in the world: this is the Delta del Po Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its natural ecosystem.
Rosolina Sea with its beaches awarded seaside resort "Blue Flag 2015" is the ideal destination for a holiday of nature and relax.

L 'unique surroundings and charming atmosphere, where north and south like the wings of a heron, flow into the Adriatic Po di Levante and the Adige,extraordinarily rich in fauna and flora, land cultivation of typical products such as clams and chicory.
Rosolina also offers a wide range of sporting activities and not strongly linked to forms of easy tourism;
a bike ride or horseback to a boat trip, from sport fishing as tennis courts and much more, and the inevitable bird watching offering the chance to take home great wildlife snap.

For this we can say that this place where the boundaries between land and water are invisible, is a place to visit .. to travel .. indulging in contact with people.

Rosolina has to be discovered and then to love...

Rosolina Mare, la perla del Delta del Po